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Why you should update your printer?

To avoide issues like paper jam, print spooler errors, dll file errors, unbale to print etc are some errors which you can avoid just by installing the latest printer drivers & software. Though, most of the mobile app stores have specfic brand print addons however in order to work it on your computer, you need the latest printer drivers:

    By updating the latest software you get
  • Most Recent printer drivers
  • Most Recent print addons
  • Get rid of most common printing errors
  • Remote printing options
  • Most recent drivers to connect to a network

This is where we come into the scene, we are the top printer support & service provider in the country. We provide solutions to:

  • Common technical issues with the Printer
  • Print spooler issues
  • Unable to install printer
  • Unable to print from network computer
  • Configuring the wifi and wired printer
  • Paper jam issues
  • Printer not responding
  • Scan and copy issues
  • Paper setup issues
  • Unable to print from MS Office suite
  • Photo not printing
  • Colour missing on print issues
  • unable to print from USB connection

When you are troubled by the above-mentioned problems, you don’t have to face them alone. You can always contact our competent team of online printer experts on the phone or live chat. They will assist you with every problem. Our online printer experts are well versed and have complete knowledge of all the issues which can occur with the printers. We provide the most efficient, precise and swift solution.

A step-by-step guide to install your printer

While installing makes sure, you have the usb device connected to the computer. After that you need to click on install drivers and it will detect the device automaticaly and install the printer drivers and software. if in case you get any error message please make a note of the error message and give it to our online printer technician which will help us to diagnose the issue fast.

We provide the most efficient, precise and swift solution. Get the latest printer drivers & software.

Common problems during the driver updates

Today, the printers has evolved to the point where they have become smart, rugged and quite sophisticated. These devices perform quite well and do not give any errors. But, let us not forget that these are an electronic device made up of numerous small other electronic parts which can become non-functional anytime. This seldom happens, but errors can happen during the update process when the user does not follow the instructions carefully.

Not getting the progress bar

After connecting the printer to the computer/PC, you are unable to see any progress bar on the screen, then there might be 2 reasons: 1) Printer is not recognized by the computer 2) The computer is not able to start the print services. Here, you will require technical help which you can get by calling our helpline number.

Getting Error messages

If you are constantly getting error messages during the driver update process, unplug and then plug the device again. You should also check the internet connectivity of the PC. Also, make sure that the device is properly connected to the computer. If the connection is loose, then you will get the error message.

Computer not recognizing the device

If you are not getting the mentioned instructions, it might be due to the faulty cable or any hardware issue with the printer.

About Us

We provide the best customer service for problems related to the printers. Our goal is to give the best support and service possible. Whenever, any printer user is having any kind of difficulty --- technical or non-technical, we come into the picture.

Our aim to solve every device issue, however small or big it may be. Our online printer experts are always ready to help the user and fulfil your expectations.

Ingenious Approach

Our ingenious approach to customer service has helped us become the top printer service/ support provider in the country. Our support team is able to solve all printer related issues. Every customer and their issue is important to us.

Fully Organized

Our team of printer experts are quite organized and attentive to every user problem. We understand that every user is not a technical expert so we provide solutions accordingly.

Reliable Support

Our printer support team gives a swift and reliable solution for device issues. You can always depend upon our service whatever the time of the day it may be.

Quick solution

We offer solutions which work quickly. Our printer experts guide you through the entire process. We provide service 24*7 and 365 days.

Our customer service workflow

Customer service is all about giving importance to customer problems, time and handling customer's expectations. Our company was founded by keeping these principals at its heart. Every customer and their issue is quite important to us. We understand that the customer's time is valuable, so we provide an instant solution.

Our customer service workflow is made after research and we have eliminated all the bottlenecks from the process. The following provides insight into our customer service workflow:

User contact

Whenever any user of the printer is facing any technical or non-technical issue with the device, they contact our online printer experts via direct phone call, Live Chat and email. Our experts are always available online because we understand that customer can face problem anytime.

Problem understanding

Our printer experts, comprehend the issue after the customer explain the problem to them. They are fully equipped to handle any kind of device issue. They listen carefully and then, guide you through the correct department for problem resolution.

Problem Resolution

After the call and understanding the problem, our printer technicians provide the required solution to the user. They provide the solution which is understandable by every person regardless of their technical knowledge. Our success rate is 99.17% and we are trying to better it.

We always ensure that our expert team is delivering a high standard of service. We also urge our customers to give us feedback and suggestions. This helps us to make ourselves better. When we are looking for a new hire, we look for a people person.

Why you should choose us?

  • 24*7 and 365 days
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Instant response to your emails
  • Lifetime service guaranteed
  • We provide printer support via skilled and certified technicians to quickly fix your problems

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